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Thread: AMD FAN sucking

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    everything is brand new. well we got it on. we just bent the clip enuf so there wasnt too much pressure on the chip. everything worked out. to the naked eye. dun dun dduun
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    Make sure it's on good enough to cool the cpu, they are a bitch. Get some thermal conductor material since you bent the retainers and it's not as tight as it should be.
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    I dunno if it's the same HS/F that I have sitting on my desk in front of me, but if it is... then your friend just wasted his time. I had this fan in my system before, in fact it came with it! I started getting a few probs with apps shutting down, things locking up stuff of that nature. It turned out that the CPU HS/F was....well.... <ahem>pathetically small compared to today's standard and not doing it's job properly. I quickly rectified the problem by whacking in a beefy-arsed ThermoEngine V60-4225. Muhhhahahaahaaha.

    You should maybe look at upgrading to something a bit more beefier. It may save unecessary cost later if things go 'titties up' due to heat issues. I 'spose it depends on what else your friends got in there (how many sys fans?). Thats not really important, though. The HS you have will do the job fine, but you may want to keep your eye on the CPU temp....
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    Title:- Fan is sucking???
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    Hi guys.................I am great fan ( sorry) of AMD processors, but I do trash their fan and use one from CoolerMaster.................also silver thermal paste...not the white gunk in the plastic bag

    good luck!

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    a lot of times they clips have a slot so you can fit the head of a screwdriver into it, and push it down onto the clip on the socket.
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    AMD fans are hard as hell to clip on, when I did mine I used a flat head screw driver to push down the clip, I was so dam affraid it would slip and Id stab my board so be carful.
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