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    Some viruses will attack your (bugbear) norton or other AV and not allow the update, you have to manually download the updates.


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    Originally posted here by mushashi2
    Yes, I still have free subscription until 2004 and live update is enabled, there were no red marked items.

    I followed Avdens advise but it was already there in the registry. I uninstalled Norton restarted the computer and cleared the registry, restart again and installed Norton but still the same problem.
    I found another Reg Hack on symantec's platinum site.

    Open Regedit.
    Navigate to the registry subkey:


    Delete the NAV CORPORATE SERVER Key.
    Delete the AVENGE MICRODEFS Folder.
    Close the Registry Editor, and then rerun LiveUpdate. LiveUpdate should now recognize that it has never been updated and will perform a full download.
    Now this hack is for the NAV Corp Edition, so use at you own risk.


    I just received this notification from Symantec, it may be related to your issue:

    Symantec Security Response has posted virus definitions. These definitions
    have been posted to correct a replication issue which may have resulted in
    failed updates from the September 3, 2003 LiveUpdate post. The previous
    definitions are not to be considered corrupted. Please download the latest
    protection via the LiveUpdate feature or from the Symantec Security Response
    Web site (http://securityresponse.symantec.com/).

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