lemme first state that what im asking here is legit, for a computer forensics prize a local company is running with our uni... www.ionix.com.au/?p=csfprize

go there to see that this is legit if you like...

what my problem is, ive recovered and repaired a zip file on the disk, copied to my PC and i'm not sure whether im meant to try and decrypt these files or not, theres 3 in the file all encrypted with RSA...

im not sure if its 'real' RSA or just a weak version that would be crackable on a home PC, anyone know of how this could be done or whether its realistically possible even with a small number?

and let me say again, this is a legit comp, so dont neg me to hell and back please

i've attached the file too if you would like to look at it to see what you think