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Thread: modem driver inst under linux

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    modem driver inst under linux

    wondering if anyone can help me install a modem driver that I downloaded under windows for linux, it is in RPM, but do i have to save it to a floppy disk? Or can linux read it from where I saved it on the hd?

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    Im guessing Your Running A dual partition ? If so Linux can read windows files stored in the /mnt/windows directory. cd to /mnt/windows and copy it to /usr/bin or something.
    And as root do a rpm -ivh file.rpm and you should be all set.
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    thanks alot, going to try it now, yeah it's a dual partion

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    if you linux distro doesnt have the Windows folder already added you can do it yourself:
    -> Create a new folder in /mnt called 'Windows' or something
    -> Fire up the console, and get superuser (yeah the 'su' thing )
    -> Navigate to /mnt
    -> Type 'mount -t msdos /hda1 /mnt/Windows'

    you should be able to get to the Window directory

    the breakdown of it is:

    -> Mount - Self explainitry
    -> -t - the filesystem type
    -> msdos - the filesystem, i think WinXP would be typed in as 'ntfs'
    -> hda - the harddrive, if you had a second ide harddrive, it would be hdb, scsi is a different value
    -> /mnt/xxx - the target folder in linux

    hopefully that will help your troubles

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    rember for NTFS makesure your kernel has NTFS support... heh it does save some frustration if you
    happen to jsut have a brain fart (yes i have tried to mount an NTFS partion w/o the appropriate module for an hour before i realised i didnt have the module installed and running)
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    Hey thanks for the reply, I just noticed it, How can i tell if my kernel can reconize it or not, I'm running kernel version 2.4.21-0.13mdk, do you know if it supports ntfs, and I am running ntfs on the windows partition

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