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Thread: Computer Freezing

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    Computer Freezing

    Hi Guys,

    I have a gaming pc that constantly freezes while i play most games like BloodRayne, MOH:AA, GTA3:VC etc.

    In GTA3:VC, when you're driving into a different suburb, everything freezes and all i can do is reboot the machine.

    Also running FusionPack10 with Counter-Strike1.5 patch, i can only play with de_dust, because if i try and play any other map, the pc freezes.

    My machine is a: 1800+ Athlon XP, 512MB DDR-RAM, GeForce 4 MX440, 80Gig Seagate HHD, running Windows XP Professional.

    It is a really big pain in the backside. I have tried the new NVidia drivers and it still freezes.

    If neone has ne suggestions, please share it with me.


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    I would think it's a bad Video Card... You should try to get another video card and test it on your computer. Or bad driver.. You can try updating those drivers
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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