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Thread: Encrypting a Hardrive

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    Question Encrypting a Hardrive

    Is there a free way I can encrypt my entire hardrive?

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    is this a seconday drive? you could use something like php or any other free encryption program from to encrypt it. But that would have to be a data drive. It won't work for executables. It is possible to encrypt them, but you still have to have some windows files that are not encrypted, so thats why I say it has to be a secondary drive.
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    there was just a thread on this, lots of replys too

    hope this helps!
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    Shux, it's my primary drive. Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of that. I was just reading this article over at astalavista and this fella was saying that his entire hardrive was encrypted; I guess he was referring to his secondary drive. I'll just settle for encrypting certain files then. You meant pgp right?

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