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Thread: why cant there be auto update

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    why cant there be auto update

    this one stumps.....why are security pro's asked to manually update the latest bug-fixes and patches and anti-viruses, etc......in other words, if you buy a anti-hack program, can it auto-update for you? assuming it can access your computer all the time? just a thought.....

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    Well, there are autoupdates for certain programs.

    Windows has an auto update.. though one would be foolish to use it on a corporate network. For home users, I'd say go ahead (because it can help protect the internet/pcs from worms, viruses, etc and if the update screws something up... reload and restore from backup or uninstall the fix if possible.)

    I wouldn't want to use it on a corporate network because you don't know how that patch or fix is going to interact with your other software/hardware. It could cause all kinds of problems.

    Another reason it can't be done with some things is... for example...

    your bios is run in flash. You need to use a utility to flash your bios and that has to be done before your OS is loaded. Same with a router or switch. You have to transfer your firmware to the device before its configurations are loaded or even booted to the boot manager.

    Bandwidth is another factor. Why download it from the internet 1000 times, when you can download it once and push it out to your clients? People complain that the internet is slowing from p2p users... imagine if you had everyone downloading service packs that are 75mb a pop... can you imagine what that'd do to all the other people on your segment and how bad your internet connection would slow? That would be one hell of a DoS that you just put on yourself.

    The only thing I'd let autoupdate, is my antivirus, spam blacklists, IDS/FW rules (if useing something like norton internet security where the firewall and IDS is integrated.)

    Did you have a specific application or type of device in mind?

    I was just thinking of examples off the top of my head... so please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, or add if I've forgot factors (which I'm sure I did...)

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    no specifix as of yet i am such a newbie....only been on this site for 3 days and had no idea how complex this stuff can be thanx

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