error 0213 --URGENT PLEASE
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Thread: error 0213 --URGENT PLEASE

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    Red face error 0213 --URGENT PLEASE

    while working, the system hanged and ive restarted the system...
    while reebooting, this strange message appeared
    "Error 0213 Keyboard Locked- Unlock Keyswitch"...and system halts.

    I even cant access the BIOS since keyboard is not working.
    I tried changing the keyboard...but no use

    Please help me


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    well your keyboard is locked....unlock it. is there a button that locks it?
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    there is no lock for the is some BIOS problem as far as i think
    please suggest a solution..its urgent

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    um if the keyboard is locked then there must be a lock on the computer somewhere, the error is saying the physical key that some computers have has been used to lock the computer. just find whoever has the key and unlock it... the other method is to just pull the jumper for the lock that goes to the board... if it's your comp and you never use the lock then it might be an idea to leave the lock disabled...

    another idea, if there is no lock and it's doing this then check to make sure no jumpers are in the wrong place.. if something is shorting out the lock pins then it will think the keyboard is locked.
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    It may also be worth a shot to try a USB keyboard. The locks on old systems don't affect USB keyboards.

    I personally haven't seen a hardware lock for a keyboard since 486's, but it's possible you have one. If that's the case, like Pecosian said, you gotta find out who locked the keyboard and get the key from them. Maybe someone playing a prank on you.


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    Details on what your hardware is would be of use here, as some PCs do have weird security options that could possibly cause this error.

    I'm assuming that this is a real POST error, and is not really being caused by the keyboard, as you have tried swapping it.

    It could just be a BIOS fault that is causing it. To eliminate this possibility you need to know what your motherboard is. On any recent motherboard you can reset it back to the default configuration by powering off & changing a DIP switch. After having waited for a few seconds, you put the DIP switch back, power back on, and the BIOS is reset.

    WARNING: You need to get hold of a copy of the manual for your motherboard (most are available online) for precise instructions, as this does vary from motherboard to motherboard.
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    clear your 'cmos', easy as that
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    Try unplugging the keyboard

    restart the machine, you hear a beep for no key board

    replug the keyboard and restart.

    if it has the same error then there is a manual switch somewhere on the keyboard.

    for x windows

    The kbd_mode command must be run by the account logged in to the machine, since the account "owns" the keyboard. If the person gets logged off, then you have to be "root" to run the kbd_mode command. Contact your site specialist in that situation.

    To execute kbd_mode
    kbd_mode [-a -e -n -u]


    -a Causes ASCII to be reported.
    -e Causes firm events to be reported. (normal setting)
    -n Causes up/down key codes to be reported.
    -u Causes undecoded keyboard values to be reported.

    % kbd_mode -e

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