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    No privacy policy

    Hi there, this doesnt fit anywhere else so i might as well post it here.
    When i signed an AUP for the usage of a LAN (school), the conditions did not say anything about the administrators ability to moniter and read emails with packetsniffers; now that i have evidence the administrators have been doing this without my permission, is there any action (legal or otherwise) that i can take? I asked them directly, and they said "No" (as you would..), and the school does not have any 'privacy policy' written out saying what they do and don't do.
    Normally i would not care, but i constantly use my email for transmitting rather sensative information (bank details, etc), and i take anyone reading/monitering my mail as a serious breach of privacy.
    Any help would be appreciated,

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    you could try taking to the system admin about the breach of privacy that is taking place with in the school. If that does not help talking to them, try going to the school princerpal, or the education bord.
    please PM me and let me know whitch state you are in what kind of school, private, public ect
    allso if you like send a copy of the document, adn ill see what i can find out.


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    Take it a level past the system admin, while you have no real legal rights here (the email resides on the school server and belongs to the school not you) you do have rights and power as a customer. Some one in athority may take it negitivly taht one of there employies (the administrator) was infringing on the privacy of one of their customers (you) and they just may lose that customer and his mony to another institution.
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