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    This one makes me laugh.......

    I can see all the hard-core P2Per's rushing to fill out that affadavit.....

    RIAA Amnesty
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    LOL, I cant think of a single person who would do this, its such crap.
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    LAUGHING MY ASS OFF ROLLING ON THE FLOOR! ....uh uh...let me go first...let me go get a notarized note saying that i'm illegaly downloading songs. MUHAHHAHHAAAA DIE RIAA DIE!

    Who thinks this is going to work?
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    Hmmmm... let's see, they want people to admit guilt for something that they're doing because of principal? Because it's 'bad'? Because they're frustrated that they lack all control?

    Not likely, guys. If anything, I'd say it'd be the last option there.

    Let's face facts here, shall we? I *DON'T* download and distribute musical content, I just download it to listen. For me. No one else. A thing that annoys me with the recording industry in general is that ANY copying is classed as illegal. You're not allowed to make 'backup' copies of your music CDs as you are able to do with software. Why the hell should I purchase a CD that may be inoperable in ten years time? Once you pay for the digital content, why should you have to fork out a second payment if the medium that carries that content fails?

    They shouuld maybe come up with some kind of system where by instead of buying a physical 'thing' (such as CD or [shudder] cassette), you buy a 'key' that allows you to download the content to your system for immediate burning to CD. You could be permitted to 'update' your disk in say, two years, if it develops scratches or the dog chews it up, or something like that.

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    IMHO I think the RIAA can come up with something better than that. Why would anyone agree to this. They want people to delete their music and agree not to download anymore.

    That's really funny. Maybe the RIAA was trying to make people laugh.

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    i dont think they really expect people do do it they just want to be able to say they gave them the opportunity. if they cant function in the world as it is they have no right to be in it. theres no reason why the whole world must change or go to jail because the recording industry dosn't fit in...change the recording industry.
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    Ya think?

    Do ya think these ppl. could be anymore arrogant? They are just conceding the fact that they will never stop the hard core D'loaders.

    Lemme just go and fill out that form lol.


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    Hmmmmm... I dont think that this amnesty agreement really does much good in any way. If you fill it out it guarentees they wont sue you as long as you delete your files and promise not to do it any more. YAWN... yea. As long as there is an internet there will be piracy and they will never manage to stop all of it. And the RIAA dosent represent all music labels so it can only speak for certain record labels. And they use the words "confess" and "infringement" like we (who download music) have done something terribly wrong. I dont think we ripped off the music companies as bad as they say, i still bought records of artists when i heard some of their music. Plus with all the money they receive from MTV, radio play, music in movies and in commercials, they get their moneys worth. Hasent anyone seen Cribs? Does it look like they are hurting for money?

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    I think they have a list of people they are ready to go after and they want to give them a chance at, whats the word again, amnesty, before they sue them to death. Who knows, maybe they have agents hanging around chat rooms, starting chats about downloading music so the can get more names. Hmmmm, I stopped downloading music a long time age and have delete ALL my music. OK that should do it. And my name IS Fred Brown.

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    Fred Brown> Giving your full name out on the internet isn't the best idea.

    Anyway, yeah, I have to say it is quite amusing. But it might snare a few people who honestly believe they're going to be hunted down by the RIAA. And hey, by all means they might be, but if you take a few steps like delete all music off your hard drive and then delete any trace of kazaa (throwing in putting your music on a cd ) there's little evidence against you.

    Not to mention the fact that in my opinion federal action will not be taken against individual P2P users. Why? Well, even if you can build a huge case against someone, once they microwave their hard drive there's little physical evidence against them. Anonymity is the key to succeeding in the world of P2P. I say we start an underground system of IRC file sharing

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