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    True, they cant search all the FTP's in the world, and even if they did, there are still private FTP's, and IRC War3z....

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    The whole issue of downloading music and digital rights is abit of a nightmare at the moment,
    I read the otherday about someone who was auctioning a track he had downloaded (from Apples music store i think) on Ebay.

    He is testing the water so to speak because if you bye a cd you have the right to sell later. Downloaded music is a different matter apparently and no one is sure of the law in this case at the moment.

    As for the amnesty, it's just another scare tactic. The RIAA actions so far have turned people off p2p sharing, so i think its just another way of instilling fear. I mean at the moment they havn't successfuly prosecuted anyone yet have they.
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    selling songs on ebay.....what has the world come to.. lol. yea its all kind of stupid. What about people who's only way to get music such as songs from the 30's and 40's is by download? such as some older people I know do. For that kind of music that was only released on record is obsolete in physical form unless you want to buy costly antique records. the RIAA is only focusing on making more money and like I saide before they still get their money from radio play, mtv, .etc. But what about music that only exists in .mp3 such as from the 30's 40's and 50's? We all know that there is a HUGE interest in that music right? lol, but they treat all downloaders the same and I'm sure they wouldnt be losing very much money from that. and i'm sure rappers like nelly and p diddy and pop stars like justin timberlake are all suffering for money, as we all have seen via Cribs, instead of the 300,000$ Ferrari they could only afford the 250,000$ model what a shame. And justin timberlakes new house, he could only spend 6mill instead of 10. Yes we should all buy their music and make them richer.

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    "I'll be curious to see how many opt for this," said Fred von Lohmann, a lawyer for the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, who has criticized the RIAA's use of copyright subpoenas. "It will be an interesting measure of how much fear the recording industry has managed to inject into the American public."
    First, this is the most laughable attempt by the RIAA to get people to "admit" they've illegally downloaded music. Illegal by who's definition? The minute you try to make it illegal to download music in a futile attempt to "scare" the majority of the people who can't be held liable anyways due to age restrictions, you're going to have more of a problem than if you just accepted it. Why not try LOWERING THE PRICES on your blasted CDs? Didn't they say that the prices would be drastically lowered once production ramped up back in the early 90's and such? Did they ever do that? No. Suck it up, these are your sown oats...

    As for the whole 'injected fear', please...see my tears of understanding fall. See them dry up like so much evaporation upon my face as the truth of what's gone on with the RIAA shines brilliantly down, blinding myself and others who realize just how misled and forced upon we've been over the past decade.

    As for the EFF, I support them as well, and wear my "Coding is not a crime" bumper sticker on my truck proudly...
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    My 2c: There is not a lot good on the radio or being produced today unless you really scour around to see who has something fresh. ****, the mainstream crap is drving me absolutely insane and it's all the same fricking style.

    Linkin Park, POD, 3 Doors Down, etc. All sound alike. After a few songs, you think they are the same band.

    Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Trick Pony they sound alike after a while.....

    Toby Kieth, and these other guys all have made at least one 9-11 song. The 9-11 tragedy was horrible, but they are doing a disservice by making song after song after song about it. Also, how many times can you listen to "who's your daddy" without barfing?

    Artists need to look and see what they can do to crank something fresh instead of using the same tired and overused recipe for a hit. That means I have to research for new and non-mainstream artists to find anything good. I may download a song or two to hear what it sounds like then if it is good, I will buy the CD. If it sounds anything like mainstream, they do not see a dime from me and I think that is fair. I have found really neat music this way!

    Deep Forest (they are different but they do get old after a while)
    Butthole Surfers
    The Vines
    Neurotic Outsiders

    and the list goes on and on from easy listening to a genre all of itself. You never really hear these artists on the radio, and therefore, you don't know what they sound like. BUT... there are some artists that do have soundclips on their web site(s) and that helps let me decide who I spend my next music dollar on.

    Get on the ball and get something different! I am tired of "Arms Wide Open".....

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    Lostboy's right. We are always going to find a way, an alternative to P2P if it gets shut down by the RIAA. So start thinking of new ideas!

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    when the radio stations in the 80's or earlier started accepting money etc to to play record company play lists pirate radio stations popped up so i think the ppl who think that the p2p will stop banged their heads on the keyboard one tooo many times jjk after all how many email addys can one person have with what size attatchments there are sooo many ways to share files new web sites popping up daily thank you to all those websites and free email providers with +10mb storage and beyond

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    You can tell that there little campaign isnt going too well. Their resorting to our conscience to make us stop downloading music..

    Wont be surprised if I turn on the news and found something about RIAA shutting down.

    1000+ p2p members. 1 RIAA.

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    I still don't see how it can be made to work given today's internet.

    What is to stop someone setting up a server in a country that does not uphold US copyright law and where the US has no jurisdiction. If people then log into this via an anonymous proxy server in a similar safe haven country, how would anyone find out what they have been doing?

    As you can tell, I am no expert on internet security the other side of the firewall

    It seem to me that the people they are going for made no attempt to hide their activities? so were easily detected. Won't they just drive it underground like child pornography?

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    A friend pointed me to this:


    Hmm ...

    I'll trade anyone a BNL and a Cows with Guns for an Elmer Fudd "Kill the Wabbit."


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