New so be gentle.....

I heard this last night on my TeeVee news channel, and what I've got the biggest problem with is this:

There are many albums that i bought on tape, Vinal, and *ahem* 8track (dating myself), and many of these have either worn out, been thrown away (broken) or with vinal, scratched beyond use. Now since i bought them *once*, am I now required to pay for them AGAIN in order to listen to them, or like double-taxation, have I paid my dues and am entitled to have them?......
and like many others, i am NOT downloading, burning and distrubuting these songs, I want them for my own PERSONAL and PRIVATE use.

Who the RIAA really should be going after is those major lables that RAPE the artist every time they sign a record deal. I heard somewhere that in the end the artist only sees about .25 cents out of the sale of a record, with the fat-cats up in the bighouses being the ones who get all the procedes from a sale of an album.

but just like hunting and fishing licenses and many other things, its the little guy who suffers the most and pays the most with the least return. *sigh*, what we need is a FLAT TAX system *smile*

thanks for reading my rant