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Thread: Mandrake Linux Question

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    Mandrake Linux Question

    I would have posted this somewhere else if I had known where to begin. Anyway, with my question.

    My PC is currently using the all-time infamous Lucent LT Winmodem. I had tried to install Mandrake Linux and the installation went fine. They only problem I had was finding an available LT Winmodem driver that Mandrake could recognize.

    What can I do? Where can I download a driver that will work? I had originally wanted Mandrake Linux as my default O/S, but because of this problem, it can't happen.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated.


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    Have you checked linmodems? http://www.linmodems.org/
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    Since we are on the subject of Linux, i went to download Mandrake 9.1 tonite and it was all ftp and had hundreds of files. is there anywhere linux can be downloaded in a .zip file?

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