Have two weeks worth of updates, so let's get to it:

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Social Engineering - September 4, 2003
Intrusion attempts can take many forms, including phone calls and e-mails that appear to come from your sysadmins or other trusted personnel. Don't let your network fall victim to lapses in judgement or quirks in human behavior.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Image Theft - August 28, 2003
Why let your graphic designers toil away on images that anyone can swipe? Learn how to become more protective of your online assets.


A Password Policy Primer
A weak password policy can undermine your IT department's efforts to secure the systems that host your critical data. Vince Barnes examines ways to keep intruders from slipping past your network's defenses and offers tips on creating easy-to-remember, yet tough-to-crack passwords.


PrevenTier Combines Three Products for DDoS Protection - September 5, 2003
Tech Giants Join Forces Against ID Theft - September 4, 2003
New Blaster Variant Also Exploits DCOM RPC Vulnerability - September 3, 2003
IRS Inoculates Against Blaster Using Electronic Distribution - September 2, 2003
Trojan Attempts to Create New C: Drive Files - August 28, 2003

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