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Thread: How to uninstall IE6

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    How to uninstall IE6

    iam using windows XP...recent days internet explorer is not working properly...ive installed Mozilla and working on it . Its 1000 times better than IE

    I just want to uninstall the IE....(and i think all the folders will be displayed in classical explorer screen)
    can anyone suggest how to uninstall IE


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    You can't because it is integrated into windows The best thing to do is just not use I.E and just use Mozilla

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    like dead said, you cant do it...i wanted to do it a while back. anyways, what i did is i just got Outpost firewall and i told it to block Internet Explorer. Then i got POW and whenever the IE window had the title "Page cannot be found" or whatever it is, it would automatically close IE. Anyways, i have never got another pop-up since I was told to delete all the shortcuts to IE and that might help out a little bit, but if i were you i wouldnt delete all the shortcuts because sometimes, IE is the only browser that will work
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    http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;293907 .
    This should give you all the information you need.

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