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    I have a bit of a problem. When I turn on my machine, it begins to load normally (I have Windows 98) and apparently somewhere along the way something or windows itself deleted a crucial system file and now it wont load, it says the file is missing and the system halts. I cant get into DOS, and it wont open in safe mode. Is there a solution, or am I just stuck with a giant desk weight?
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    Maybe you could maybe try rebooting while hitting the F8 key to get to alternate boot modes. One of the modes is a step by step boot. If you find the name of the missing file, you could reboot again to safe mode or DOS prompt (using F8 again) and replace the missing file using your Windows install CD.

    forgot to add, if that does'nt work - boot to dos using a floppy disk and retrieve the missing file from CD as in the prev post. You may have to work with CAB files from the CD and the extract utility but the missing file should be in there somewhere.
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    From what you said it sounds like your boot Loader got deleted.
    From memory the only way your going to be able to fix that is by reinstalling your OS.

    Now once your done doing that I would recommend that you make yourself a windows boot-disk, and back up all your files on your computer atleast once a month.

    If you have any more questions Pm and I will explain how to do everything.


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    you could use something like Knoppix to boot from cd (remember to change settings in bios to allow this) once loaded up you could create a partition move all needed documents to it and then format and reinstal windows on main partition - this way at least you wouldn't lose all your files


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    Assuming it's not a hardware problem, you can boot to the DOS prompt and try this:


    that will give you a list a backed up registry copies, pick one dated from the last time your PC booted upnormally.
    If that does'nt work, you may need teh WIN 98 disk to do a OS repair, or you may have have a hardware issue (which I doubt cause you can at least get a DOS prompt)
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    Post the exact error message here and/or go to GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH
    and type, or copy & paste the exact text of the error message
    in to the field "exact phrase" and watch the miracles happen.
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