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    Talking how to crack lan security settings for chat programs like yahoo messenger?

    ok..so here is my situation, I'm at the office and my computer is connected to a LAN running windows 2000 OS...i have internet access however i cannot go into websites that has chat programs or i cannot login in to my yahoo messenger. Is there a way to be able to access my yahoo messenger or any chat programs? What do I do? Of course I dont have to let our computer administrator know that I want to setup my yahoo access....Can anyone help me out crack the network security in order for me to chat ? pls help...
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    Uh Oh!!!!
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    Well pixel, if there is a legitimate reason for you to use it (i.e. consulting someone in another department) then just ask your admin. This would be a lot easier, plus it has the added bonus that when the admin finds out (which chances are he will) you won't get fired.
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    Here's the best and EASIEST way you can access Yahoo Messenger from your work:

    Change jobs.

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    Angry hahaha

    change job??? lol isnt there a proxy setting to be able to enable chat client programs? hmmm i just think there is a proxy setting for that just guessing...
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    Listen here, pixelrockchick, you are obviously new to AntiOnline and haven't read any of the sticky threads in the tutorials forum about how to post here. Now I might let you off for posting such a stupid question but you are NOT supposed to send it via PM to other members at the same time.

    Originally posted here by pwaring Another mistake that you should never make when asking a question is to send the question by private message and/or email to someone who you are not familiar with and who is not familiar with you. It's a bit of a shock to some people if they open their inbox only to find a lengthy technical query from a complete stranger.
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    simply put: you cant ask people to teach you how to "crack" in here
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    NO you cannot use yahoo or any chat programs while at work. Pay attention to your job, do it right and dont screw up. pretty much, we're saying that we're not going to teach you how to bypass the rules set at your job since many of us here are already system administrators and people who try to do what you're trying to do pisses us off. . Good luck at work
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    Exclamation enough!

    enough about that, i'm enjoying the forum anyway, no need to crack out yahoo messenger... oh well thanks for all that... sorry i didnt know that this site doesnt talk about cracking or hacking sorry..just a newbie here
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    so long, i'm gone

    oh well i have to go home now....bye
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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