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Thread: AntiVirus for Pocket PC

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    AntiVirus for Pocket PC

    I was wondering what kind of experience (if any) you have of antivirus programs for Pocket PCs. I recently ordered Dell Axims for my business, and I want to ensure that someone doesn't bring an infected file into the network. They all came with a 30-day trial of McAfee, but I've had bad experiences with McAfee in the past, and would rather find a different package. A few I am currently looking at are:

    Airscanner Mobile Antivirus 2.0 (Free/Pro)
    F-Secure Anti-Virus for Pocket PC
    Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds - Corporate Edition

    Does anyone have experiences with these or are there any other ones you can recommend? I'm looking to get one by the end of next week, so any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not sure that antivirus is necessary on pocket pc at this time. Has there been any cases of virus infection on ppc?

    Cant help you deside which antivus package to go for. Just got one of the dam things meself. A Dell Axem as it happens.
    Have a look here, this might help though. www.aximsite.com
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    Definitely F-Secure. Efficient on memory, yet still provides same functionality as Norton, McAfee.

    Grabbed a little excerpt from http://knowledgestorm.techtarget.com...%20Pocket%20Pc :

    F-Secure Anti-Virus for Pocket PC is an antivirus software solution for all business sizes that runs locally on the Pocket PC device, providing up-to-date and always-available protection for these new mobile corporate computing devices. It is also able to detect and delete all malware that enters the device via wireless methods.

    Good luck.
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    You might have a look at what PC-cillin have to offer (Trend Microsystems)? Also Softwin (Bitdefender). Don't have a pocket PC myself........need eyeglasses to see the big one on my desk!!!!


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    It is not strictly necessary for your pocket pcs to have any AV software on them if you have a decent on-access scanner on the machine it will synchronise with.
    When the pocket pc syncs the host machine actually pulls the files down from the pocket pc, rather than them being pushed to the host machine.
    This means that a good on-access scanner will scan every file being pulled down for viruses.

    I work for an AV company and have recently done a lot of testing on the concept of networks being infected via pocket pc.
    To be even more secure some of the better AV products allow the on-access scanner to be configured to on-write as well as on-read scanning. This would protect the host machine if the pocket pc for some reason started pushing the sync.

    At present there has been only 1 true virus for PALM and no viruses for any of the other handheld products. This does not mean that in the future these will not be targets, but i would say spend your cash else where on your network, and deal with the pocket pcs when and if the need arrises.

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