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Thread: installing windows 98 ??

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    installing windows 98 ??

    ok I formatted my hard drive, and when restart with my start up disk I click on #1 "use with cd rom support" it leave me at the A: prompt, and it doesnt seem to be loading from the disk. Im trying to load windows 98 in my C: drive does anyone know how I can or any helpful hints

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    try typing D: or wherever the CDROM is then type setup.

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    Perhaps you need a boot disk to get started? Just a wild thought, i've never dealt with win98
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    boot your pc with a bootdisk and choose cdrom support. your cd rom will probably be drive e: ..... drive d: will be your virtual drive during this bootup process.

    once you get to the command prompt, type e:/setup you can also type e:/setup.exe and press ENTER then follow the on screen instructions.

    if you have more than one cd drive you need to make sure your cd is in the proper drive you are trying to run.

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    rolo you are in the right path
    whenever you choose from your bootdisk cdrom support means that drivers will be loaded so you can read whats on your cd. Is not like for an act of magic will start running your cd. after the prompt them you follow JcT advice you type the command that will make run the setup program that will install the OS.
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    A little tip here

    Since you've already formatted your HD then its ready to have WIN 98 installed. All you have to do, is put your WIN 98CD in the CD-ROM drive, then the computer will automatically read the CD and start the setup. Of course your BIOS has to support booting from the CD-ROM, and it also has to be configured to boot from the CD-ROM before it gets to the HD.

    Even if the drive isn't formatted yet, the WIN 98 CD will format it for you. Of course you have to have a partition already on there.

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    If you have a formatted HDD it will go to the cd to boot automatically as soon as it realizes there is no O/S and if there is no floppy in the A drive.
    There is usally no requirement to change a bios to boot from cd.
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