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    IPv6--The way to go?

    Whats up with IPv6?

    I have a wireless network, on which I frequently play online games and also share files. Should I make the move to IPv6? If I do, will I have to upgrade the whole network?

    Also, will affect the functionality of some of my Internet-based programs, such as remote-networking tools (e.g. nmap, netcat, retina)?

    Anyone have any experiences with IPv6?

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    As long as you don't need to upgrade to ipv6, I wouldn't. Stick with the most commonly used protocol for now.

    IPv6 was introduced to fill the need for extra address-space that would be needed once all of the addresses used by IPv4 were 'full', but with the appliance of mechanisms like NAT and DHCP, the need for more IP-addresses doesn't grow as fast as some people predicted, I guess.

    For a single computer-connection, or a small network, there shouldn't be any reason to move over to IPv6 (other than just wanting to play with it).
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    IPv6 is not yet standarized on Internet routers..Its a totally different animal....If the TCP/IP stacks on your Local routers, pCs etc support it, you can mess around with it, however, you will not be able to communicate over the Internet..


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