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Thread: Unistalling Linux Instaling Win98?

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    Unistalling Linux Instaling Win98?

    I have insataled linux suse 6.2 on kids computer so i could learn little bit about linux o/s.
    now i want to install windows 98 back for kids as they got used it using it.
    when i boot from cd rom(have cd98) nothing happens it goes stright again to lilo and linux.
    i am able to access netbios and i set it up to boot from cd but nothing happnes.
    i have not been able to acess anything pressing delate or f5/f8 and go with the dos.
    any help how to do it?
    i have old cyrics procesor and disk of 2g.

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    You have two problems. One is very common, and simple to fix.
    The other sounds mysterious.

    Get your hands on a DOS/ WIN98 boot floppy disk, preferably the "rescue"
    disk that is a standard with the system.

    Boot from that floppy and type the command FDISK/MBR <enter>
    This will remove LILO from the master boot record, and prepare the disk
    to install windows.

    At that time, if you know how, you could run FDISK to partition the drive,
    then FORMAT the partition.

    The other problem, I don't know. If you have gone in to the BIOS setup
    and set it to boot from the cdrom, and it still won't, that's wierd, but you
    can still run the windows install from DOS. The boot floppy should have the
    necessary driver to access the cd. Go to the cd and run setup.exe.
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