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Thread: Something RIPTKIDZ and PROGGRAMMERS have in common.

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    Something SCRIPTKIDZ and PROGGRAMMERS have in common.

    I was smoking my joint and it struck me, scriptkidz and proggrammers have something in common.
    You know that scriptkidz use other ppl's progz to do their ****, say...like SUB7.
    Now a proggrammer uses someone elses compiler to make his prog.

    I read a lot of thread here, at AO, that implies anyone who uses this tactic to get something done(using someone else's prog to hack,crack etc.).

    I know its a bit like telling a builder that he didn't build the house cause he didn't make the cement.

    As a fellow "proggrammer" i feel this must be absurd, cause this means that there are only a HANDFULL of proggrammers out there.

    I dont mean any disrespect by this but merely pointing out that, when someone says a scriptkiddy is someone who uses someone else's prog to get it on, THATS BULLSHIT.
    Some programs like SUB7 are easy to use and is user-friendly so that any scriptTOTTLER can understand and use it.
    Then you get the other "programs" namly compilers, wich in fact is a program that was designed to DO A ****ING HUGE COMMAND just by typing PRINTf or READLN or COUT.

    Then you get the "real" proggrammers, ASSEMBLY level GURU's, wich i see as a proggrammer and VERY INTELLIGENT.

    I am not an ASSEMBLY level proggrammer , but i do know a couple of other "languages", and i hate wannebe BLACKHATZ(pathetic scriptkidz) so please dont think that i am trying to say that proggrammers dont have skill or that they are equal to scriptkidz.


    Re-term(rethink) the term SCRIPTKIDZ.

    thanks for thinkiwith me on this 1.


    something is wrong with this site,i mean physically, cause my screen(the <table>'s ant working right is all messed up.
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    Surely the fact that a programmer proceeds to code seperates him/her from a script kiddie who merely presses a button.

    The only other term for script kiddie is idiot.

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    I know its a bit like telling a builder that he didn't build the house cause he didn't make the cement.
    a prog in my eyes dos make the cement of a prog cause he constructs it....he builds it from the ground up - ok he has to use a compiler to get it to work but that is a very very very small part - a script kiddie just walks into a fully built house


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