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    I have a windows partition and a linux partition on one cpu, If i download a file on windows but want to read it from linux, I look in the /mnt/windows directory, but when I try to move the file to anywhere on the linux side, it says I can't, anyhelp would be greatly appreciated, Hoping I'm making sense to all.

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    Is your Win partition NTFS?
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    yes it is ntfs

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    Usually linux's ntfs support is "crippled" meaning that it will refuse to allow write access to the partition. If you are just moving it inside the same partition i.e. /mnt/windows/foo.bar to /mnt/windows/bar.foo then it will stop the write and disallow permission unless you have ntfs write support enabled in the kernal (assumed dangerous to data) or you load a module to allow write (also dangerous).

    However if you are copying to outside of the mount point, say /home/user/ then you should be able to copy.
    You wont be able to move however, as that assumes ability to delete, aka write permission for the ntfs drive.

    Copy the data instead and erase the file later in windows or setup a special fat32 transfer partition / drive.

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    Sounds like a permission's problem. You can read it ok, so you have permission for the mount, but do you have permission to write to the folder where you are trying to put it??

    And like Jnet said, usually, you can not move it, just copy it ( most NTFS on Linux is read-only, unless you are brave and set it up differently )
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    Until it's safer leave NTFS support to read-only. I loaded mine with a module and it works great but until I reformat it I'm stuck with not being able to write to my old windows NTFS drive in this machine (which only runs RH now).

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