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    Well said Und3ertak3r!
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    Actually, if you are getting that much traffice on your local cable connection, a good personal firewall (I'm using McAfee, BTW, and it is working fine) will identify the IPs of the systems that have the infections. Backtrack to make sure, then Net Send their IP with a message. Provide a URL for help, removal tools and whatnot.

    If that doesn't help, contact your provider and make a lot of noise. Check your contract. Being a good net-neighbor is likely in there.

    Provide your ISP with the IPs of the offending machines and they will lock them out, if they are a responsible ISP.

    I just cleaned up a system on campus here that had the Welchias worm. Something got in, probably via the RCP and killed our Symantec AV installation on that box. Then the Welchias showed up. I caught this by seeing the odd outgoing traffic on the router. It accounted for about half-a-meg worth of bandwidth going out.

    A scan didn't find anything else there.

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    In response to undertaker, I can't believe I forgout about net send...lol I'll just send them a link sayng here's what can happen if you don't have a good av blah blah. I'll just move it over to my host and put an IP tracker script on it. And they've got XP so I assume messenger hasn't been turned off.

    And also, they aren't on my local network, its the neighborhood section of broadband for my isp, some of my other [clean] neighbors have noticed slower speeds also.

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    Had to change to proxy server.

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    Originally posted here by antionline_76
    Had to change to proxy server.

    What in the hell are you talking about?

    Anyway, getting the IP shouldnt be to hard, also, you may want to call up the ISP and tell them whats going on. Mine listens to me
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