Need help to script a simple bat file
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Thread: Need help to script a simple bat file

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    Need help to script a simple bat file

    I need help in making a simple bat file that can search a drive for certain file and perform action on the file. For example, I want it to search for a file named 'filename.txt' on my C drive and delete the file automatically. If any one knows, please post it here. Thanks.

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    No bat required.

    Type "dir /s *.* " where *.* is file name.

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    yes, my good friend mark is correct... the "/s" switch (or argument) will usually search all files/folders/and sub-folders from the current dir.

    example: if my prompt says "c:\winnt\" then that means that my current dir is "winnt". So make sure that you start in the top-most directory you want to search.

    cd /
    del filename.txt /s
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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