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Thread: whats the deal

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    whats the deal

    HI I was just wondering what is it exactly with people and drugs on this site???
    EG posted bye |The|Specialest "Oh well im gonna go roll some more of my green in some rolling paper then smoke it."
    I dont get it whats the big deal about them??


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    some people take drugs as a recreation.... same as some people play computer games or go to the pub and have a pint. it's a way to waste time, feel good, relax and maybe be social.

    Up to you whether or not you take em... I don't at the moment but I used to do some - depends what rocks your boat. Drugs are like anything, overdo it and they screw you up - used properly they can be great fun - may not be for everyone but that's where an individuals judgement comes in.


    PS I should point out that there are a LOT of people on this site who don't do drugs.
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    I like to smoke a few joints to relax at weekends, no harm I think. Have tried most drugs but as a teen experiment, aint all that good. Booze is better than any drug but one...you know which one.

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    Too many bad experiences following drugs in my family so I never got interested in using or trying anything including smoking and drinking. Im not to fond of it but if others are thats their perogative (sp?) Although i find it extremely amusing when people get drunk and act insanely stupid.

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    /me rolls a joint and opens a beer

    Wanna hit?

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    /me snaps beer out of Drunk On Duvels hand ....

    tx ...

    come one hurry up and pass that joint ....

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    Screw the beer, who's got the liquor?
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    I wouldn't necessarily take it on trust alone that, if someone says they smoke drugs that they actually do. A lot of people (although admittedly not everyone) will boast about drugs, alcohol etc. because they think it makes them look cool, elite, big or whatever.

    As for the people who do take drugs, well it's a recreational activity more than anything for all the ones I know, just like going out and drinking is for a lot of adults. I suppose the fact that some drugs are illegal adds a bit of excitement for some people, just like it's never quite as much fun being served in a pub once you are actually 18 (which means it's legal in the UK, although the age restriction is 21 in a lot of US states if I remember correctly).
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    /me rolls a joint... hehehe all I can do is roll it. I can't smoke it cause smoke irritates my sinuses. As recreation I guess it's ok but when it becomes a habit it can get out of control.

    I have a drink now and them when socializing with friends but I don't make it a daily habit to throw back a drink.

    Screw the beer, who's got the liquor?
    debwalin am with you on that one. I don't even drink beer anymore.

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    Drugs are fine for someone with great self-control. Up until last year, I was definately addicted to many different drugs. I still drink like a fish and hit a joint once a month or so, but had to ditch the "hard" stuff because my life was heading into the shitter. Moral of the story drugs aren't so bad if you can control them.

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