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Thread: anti-points question

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    anti-points question

    Hey guys,
    [question]- why does everone keep giving me negative antipoints lately.I want to know what i can do to contribute to antionline.instead of be an *******.

    To begin,I have a few questions about the anti-points system.I am losing points at a rapid pace. I would first like to take a few moments to express to all the people here at antionline my deepest apologies.
    The way that i have been acting lately is inexcusable. I have taken the liberty of changing my name to join the ranks of the common newbie to get back to the basics so to speak.
    I am a gay man. yes i know, this may come as a shock to you all. For along time i have been botteling this up inside and can no longer. I have had alot of anger inside mostly do to the above.
    My grandfather was a sysadmin, many ,many moons ago,and i am very proud of this. He also was gay. My mother has had many jobs in the computer industry many of which she has lost do to a severe drinking problem.(some other problems also, but i will not get into this here).I have no friends , i don`t know why but for some reason people have aways made fun of me??
    I have made a big enough ass of myself already. I feel inadaquate most of the time as you may already be able to tell from my senseless rambling chaotic posts and replies. This will change starting today. I have come out of the closet here at Antionline as well as in my own life and feel a sense of freedom. I would love to kiss the asses of all the newbie`s i have hurt(literally) but you all know that is not possible.So in short i would like to state for the record:

    [1] I am gay and proud.
    [2] no longer will i talk down to my fellow AO`er.
    [3] My apologies go out to all those that i may have hurt with my pointless belittling.
    [4] from this day forward i am gay and proud and will not let my problems spew out onto the forums of AO.

    So please everyone forgive me for being an *******,for this is my nature.

    I wanna thank Yall-

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    What exactly is your question about the anti-points system? Otherwise, this should be in general chat.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    I think you're someone who is a bit pissed off at the "real" The|Specialist (hope i spelled that right).

    pwaring is right, this should be in gcc or cosmos..

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    This is the real The|specialist.

    I am trying to get some things off my chest here. Don`t make it harder than it is.
    My question is valid,and should belong here. I want to know what i can do to earn positive ,not negative anti-points. Please quit trying to be a detective and help me out here for christ sakes. I don`t want to have to start being myself again(an *******).

    Remember....happiness is being gay.

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    I agree with pwaring. How do I or what is isn't really the right place for this.

    If you want to know how to behave here or what to do to earn antipoints first read the FAQ and secondly behave like an intelligent human being.

    I don't know about anyone else but from what I know of AO we're all a fairly eclectic bunch and personally speaking the fact you're gay is neither here nor there - it matters not one bit to me and probably doesn't matter to most people here either. There are folks here who are black, chinese, asian as well as white. People here are from many different backgrounds creeds, cultures and beliefs, yeah we may disagree on things but usually thats computer things rather than opinions about how you live your life. Essentially it's the computers and security that bind us all here not anything else.

    The best thing you can do is chill out a bit, keep quiet and read the posts, get a feel for people first. Say something when you have something interesting or useful to say or if you have questions that you can't make any headway with (make sure you have tried to tackle the problem though or at least show us that you have made some effort). I think pwarings sig says it best

    Expect nothing, and you'll be satisfied with whatever you get.
    We're quite friendly really... honest


    PS incidentally there is a senior memeber here called |The|Specialist - your name is probably going to cause some confusion
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    I suggest a change in screen name might help as the specialist is a senior member here and would take great objection to you having the same screen name with different capitalisation.

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    I suppose that it was bound to happen...............just like registering a website a typo away from a heavily used one?

    The "real" Specialist is what the name says.............he may say things that are controversial, but they ARE worth saying........IMHO I suppose.

    I like this forum because there are people who will say these things.........I hope that is a part of AO ethics.

    As for the "fake" Specialist, my advice is:

    1. Take a Colt .45 Single Action Army
    2. Get on a Greyhound Bus to the desert
    3. Take a long walk

    I used to think that I had a sense of humour; then I discovered politics

    Just my jaundiced 0.02


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    Ok so if you;ve changed your screen name how the fcuk are we supposed to tell you why you got negged???

    We dont know who you were before.

    I remember when Nihil was ickle. Does that mean I'm old?

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    Thanks Zonewalker that`s the input i was looking for!
    I will try to not be an ******* anymore.
    This falls under the correct forum "how do I" quit being an *******.


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    Also, Your profile makes you look stupid. (A mechanic on an atari.) come on.

    Try harder. We are all serious here about stuff ( Seniors and addicts forum excluded)

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