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Thread: AO Newsletter: Insight #9

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    Originally posted here by t34b4g5
    I'm sorry people, i got this addiction to that button i swear.
    Anyhow, i will try to refrain from using tat button..
    One last question i've downloaded the Ao newsletter, unzipped it.
    Then what program do i use to open it.......?
    being stuck trying to work the thing out.
    so could someone please help me.............?
    i promise not to use caps lock button..............!
    health warning-----------------
    do not under any circumstances fill your bath tub up with petrol---------------
    then get into bath--------------
    light match----------------
    and watch as you get burnt like toast-------------
    will result in severe burnin---------------------------------
    well i thought it was funny, must be my stupid sense of humor.
    anyhow cheers and hope that you alll have a great day, or night.......
    I think you need to stay off of the caffine too.

    Thanks, MsMittens for another fine publication

    BTW, t34b4g5 try this link You will be able to find the reader there.
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    I have read all of the issues and I have to say thanks to Ms Mittens for the hard work she has put into making it and to those who submitted writings and tutorials. I am looking forward to reading the next issue
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    As a follow-up to my article in AO Insight #9, I came across a message on one of my lists that others have put forth similar suggestions.

    Frankly, I wasn't aware anyone else even agreed with me, much less did a study or put forth a recommendation, but its nice to know I am not alone.

    Here is a link to an article on NetworkWorldFusion: Study: ISPs should block 'Net attack ports

    The article discusses a paper called "Internet Service Providers: The Little Man's Firewall," written by Johannes Ullrich, chief technology officer of the SANS Internet Storm Center.

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    thx, MsMittens

    AO, greatest publication maybe AO should sell the a zine in stores for those who miss it.

    Anyway as always great work

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    Fantastic newsletter Ms. Mittens!! I agree with your editorial 100%! If companies would spend more time considering the implications of not properly maintaining service levels for their systems I feel there would be fewer systems compromised by some of the latest viri/worms.

    After working for a big company for many years and being involved with maintaining the network at a branch office I know how it goes. Upper management only thinks about the bottom line and the limited "budget" dollars for personnel not what affects this could have on a companies operations. I personally saw the affects of the Blaster worm on our network and I laughed my @## off due to the fact that our MIS department said we could not "ever" be affected by any such viri or worm. I spent five hours patching fifty workstations and running a cleaner app just to make sure that the systems were okay. It was ridiculous!

    Anyways once again great newsletter and I can't wait for the 10th edition!!!


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    thank you that is such a brilliant newsletter good job mm

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    Finally updated the complete set. In addition, you'll notice in my signature that I've included a link to the "Complete Single File" Set (all 9 issues in one file) for download (2MB+).

    If you have problems open the files, let me know. I have been playing with WinZip 9.
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    Albeit this is a bit late, thanks much for another great newsletter MM and contributing authors!

    Looking forward to the Insight issue!

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    I have been looking forward to this for a while now!!! YAY! Its newsletter time!
    Keep up the great work!

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