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    Don't forget Gnoppix the Gnome Gui version... search this site for a recent post regarding this Cd-Bootable Linux..

    Info and dowload from http://www.gnoppix.org/

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    only prob i have with knoppix is the slow run time due to the fact is being read from cd rather than HD - apart from that (and fact can't save settings) is quality distro and great for those starting out in linux who want to start learning how to use it without fiddling round setting up a dual boot


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    apart from that (and fact can't save settings)
    I know what you are saying, but it is possible to save your settings. If you were to use a CDRW instead of a CDR, you can save some things. Also, I save some settings to either a floppy or a usb flash drive and copy config my files out at boot.

    Saving configuration requires a floppy disk or a non-NTFS formatted drive.

    Click on the in the lower left corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu like the Windows Start Menu. Enter the "KNOPPIX" submenu. Enter the "Configure" submenu. Select "Save KNOPPIX configuration".

    This will bring up a little window asking what to save. Click "OK".

    The next window will ask where to save the configuration. I suggest the floppy drive. Click "Ok".

    To load the configuration the next time you run Knoppix, put the floppy disk in the drive once the "boot:" prompt appears. Instead of pressing enter, type "knoppix myconfig=scan" and press enter.
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