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Thread: Windows 2000 DNS

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    Windows 2000 DNS

    Hey guys, what's up? I'm having a problem with my LAN viewing our internal website. It is easily accessible from the WAN side. I think I just need to add a pointer in my DNS but I'm not too sure. Can someone help me out?



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    I take it you are running an internal AD integrated zone and an external Primary zone for DNS resolution to your public hosts. If that is the case make a new host, (A), record called "www" in the AD integrated zone that points at the public address of your web server and your all fixed.
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    If you are at the DNS sever, you could just load up the DNS MMC. Then in the forward lookup zone, you add a host record. Enter the DNS name and the IP address and your ready. Is your DNS set with dynamic updates? Are the other machines in your network running WIN2K?

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