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    Lightbulb No More Win2k Admin Problums, now, how do i help?

    Orginal Post:
    i have a computer at school and i need to get past some of the locks
    that are on thier, things like no removable drives, cant install
    programs on the c: drive, no messaging on novell, those are tjsut the big ones. that are really annoying i need to get past these blocks. the computer is on the school network, its OS is Win2K, and the version of novell is zenworks. i pretty sure that the blocking of all this stuff is comming out of Windows not novell. , is thier something that i can disable or deleat or change that will stop these. the lock that i really need to get past is not being able to install things on the c: drive.
    any help is greatly apreciated, , thanks.
    if u need more detail jsut say and i will try to get as much info as i can.

    Second Post:
    ok that question was stupid, and thanks to some posts i have changed my mind, why try to get past the "locks" they had on the computer, why not help them out. tell the network admin about holes in their security, things like that, i guess its better to help them then try to beat them and get the privlidge taken away. thanks for everyone that posted for making me think about it.

    now, how do i help them? How do i check for exploits and such? i can program in VB, Batch, HTML, some C++, im good with dos, how can these help?

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    Speak to the school admin, he can help you!!!!

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    If they are on the computer their is probably a reason, so ask your admin and if he thinks you need the privledges then he will give them to you.
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    They aren't your computers, it isn't your network; computer usage is a privilege not a right.

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    Son.... there are reasons why your systems administrator places restrictions on your network access..... One of them is that he understands that you do not read very well at all or that you do not pay attention..... That is evidenced by the fact that you come to a site dedicated to securing computer systems with a big introductory page about the reasons this site exists and what you should and shouldn't do and you either ignored it or you didn't understand it.

    If you want to circumvent your admin's stuff..... Learn about computers yourself.... find out how they work and find out how to get around your admin by knowing the OS..... Don't sit back on your probably chubby rear and ask others to give you the quick fix..... 'cos we won't and you will not have learned anything other than the fact that we are 'ornery old critturs that will treat you like dirt if all you want is instant satisfaction........

    Sorry to be of so little help..... but if you want to learn it'll do you good
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    Like everyone has said, if you have a legitimate need for any services that are blocked, then talk to the admin and he/she will most likely be able to help you or give you more rights. The admin put those restrictions on the systems to keep people from screwing them up, so they do not have to reformat or ghost the machines from an image again. You would be a lot better off trying to work with the system, because if you get caught trying to bypass/hack the systems at your school, you most likely will get your computer privileges banned.

    Edit: Tigershark beat me to it.
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    I shall attempt to be positive...........

    "No removeable drives"...I am not too sure what you mean by this? If it means that you cannot have removeable hardware then that is OK. Just as if it means that you cannot use floppy or CD drives.

    Your school has to protect you from being either :

    1. Electrocuted
    2. Fined for copyright infringement

    They also have to convince the guys who insure them that they have proper measures in place, or all the money will go on insurance, and none on your education?

    You are now part of a have to behave as a responsible member of that community? you will have an equal access to resources and such, as the other, fellow members of that community? you are all equal in the eyes of Allah/Jaweh/God (sorry if I missed out your name for The Almighty)

    You are not allowed to load whatever you like.........of course not! You have never worked in systems support where every machine and software configuration was different

    I have, and I assure you that it is not a nice experience! Once again, if things are standard, they are usually easy to fix?

    Again, I say that money spent on systems support is NOT being spent on your education.

    Might I suggest that you get your own machine for "private enterprises", and leave the school kit alone?

    Just trying to be helpful

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    Since you changed your initial post, (which you probably should have left intact for the edification of others and simply added to the thread - no criticism intended), I have a couple of things for you to think about/try out.

    1. You are much better off remaining within the law than outside it - trust me.... OK
    2. While the net is a wonderful "fountain of knowledge" you learn nothing from having someone tell you "this is how you do it".... You'll forget how in 6 months unless you do it daily.
    3. The beauty of computer security is that you _always_ start at a disadvantage... You are the mouse while they are the cat and they produce the exploit..... all you can do is mitigate if you receive the "zero day".... So you need to know the OS, networking, the "enemy" etc. etc. etc. - learning it is fun and opens a whole world of possibility.
    4. Attention to detail - Attention to detail - Attention to detail - Attention to detail... should I say more?
    5. Google - Google - Google - Google - Google - Google.... should I say more?
    6. If you think you know the OS, networking, the "enemy", etc. etc. etc. you are probably wrong.... SO.... learn more..... But don't think that you can't win a battle with a L33t H@x0r just because he's better than you...... You can..... If you do it right and understand _what_ he might have done......

    Good luck..... Ask questions, we can help.... there is such a base of talent here.... Just ask like you want to learn how to secure rather than how to break......
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
    \"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.\" - Thucydides

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