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Thread: Installing Windows Xp after doing Full format c:

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    Installing Windows Xp after doing Full format c:

    I did a full format on my friends computer,and i have this windows xp cd. I would like to know how to install it while everything is whipped off his hard drive.

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    All you should have to do is put the cd in and reboot the computer and it should boot from the cd and begin the install if not you may have to go into the Bios and change the boot order I believe it is f8 or delete you keep pressing it intill you get into the bios menu. some computers won't let you change anything in the bios but I hope you won't have that problem

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    If the system is capable of booting of a cd, that is the best bet (you may need to adjust the boot order in your BIOS). This will load the install on the CD automatically and you can go from there. A few things to think about are: Windows XP needs to be "activated" which means giving micrsoft a load of info about the computer. I am not sure if the activation process checks to see if the serial number you are using has already been registared to another computer. Second if the Windows XP disc you have just lying around is from a major PC vender like Dell, Compaq, Gateway etc... it will check the system to make sure it is being installed on the proper machine (or at least thats the way it used to work) If none of these things bother you then good luck with the install. But if your having second thoughts you might want to go with a free OS such as Linux or FreeBSD.

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