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Thread: The kids are learning!

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    Unhappy The kids are learning!

    I am a Linux newbie and suddenly found myself coming into "great expectations". The kids at the school where I teach biology are always surfing porn-seriuos porn. How can I use my SuSE to block out sites-using the proxy server, not from @ PC-that I think contain unacceptable content for these babies? anyone? Please post easy code, as I said, I dont know much!
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    Theres an article over at neworder about making filters, cant remember whether its bypassing or setting them up,


    You havent said how the network is configured, is it just one box straight to the phone line?, is it a lan with servers? hows it set up??

    what are the computers the kids using running? windows 2000? is the suse box a server or the computer they use?

    if there running windows use netnanny, simple.

    if there in linux then theres loads of stuff out there on the net

    try this http://dansguardian.org/?page=faq

    you could block the ip address of the porn sites with ipfiltering,


    but then the problem with that is that they just search for more porn with google

    squid also rings a bell but im not to sure why i found this thread that my be useful


    yea squids what you what, if just edit the rules with your favorite editor (emacs or vi are common), you see at the end of this script on the link above? there the rules :-

    http_access allow localhost
    http_access allow noporn
    http_access deny porn
    http_access allow ourhosts
    http_access deny all

    so it allows localhost, noporn,outhosts but blocks all and porn

    you might wanna increase the legth of that list with other word types you wanna block eg:- bondage, kinky, fetish, toys, nude, breasts........the list goes on

    hope this helped


    ps: - its squid.conf

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    Yes , as i2c said. You have to be more specific on how the network is setup , and what box the kids are using. Everything i2c said is very relevant and you should use his advice if they are using your linux box for browsing. Also , if any of these kids have any knowledge themselves (which is very possible) , they can reboot the linux box and boot to runlevel 1 and have instant root access to your box , which will not be a good thing on your part. Since you are a linux newbie I suggest reading up on securing linux. Here is a great little URL that was posted here by MemorY http://www.antionline.com/showthread...ght=free+books
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    In reply to your poll, both Linux and Windows can be optimized to give a very high level of server security. In my opinion, it's not the operating system you have, but how you use it.

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    I must agree with silentstalker when it comes to your poll:

    In reply to your poll, both Linux and Windows can be optimized to give a very high level of server security.
    For further help on this you need to give more info concerning your network setup.


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    Lightbulb My network setup

    There are 2 computer rooms(labs), @ a subnet, with two hubs. Now the hubs are connected to a switch, which in turn is connected to an "admin machine" running windows 2000 pro. The admin mach is connected to a Linux server that brings in the WAN(Internet) link. I want to do the needful from that server. And while we r at it, can somebody tell me how I can migrate a list of names from one outlook folder to another? and also change all contact addresses for employees from the same location without actually having to change each individual contact?

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    I am not quite sure what it is you are trying to do, but by "a list of names in an Outlook folder", I presume that you are referring to an address book. If this is the case, please try:

    Tools From the options bar
    Synchronise From the pop-up menu

    Then either "synchronise" the address books, or use the "download address book" option

    I hope that this helps?


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    Thumbs up It works!!

    I have tried copying all the contacts and their addresses into an excel work book(using import and export from the file menu), then using find and replace to change all the similar addresses and then importing the folder back to outlook. It worked, but it's a long process. The method you gave seems much better, however, I cant find "synchronise" on my tools menu.

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