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Thread: By Passing Web Content Filters

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    Can u by pass web filters?

    Hi Guys!
    i thought of something if ur at work or anything and say....the network blocks any dodgy sites or keywords......what if u try accessing these sites via its ip instead of typing the actual domain name

    u think that wud work???


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    I think you may have meant to pm this to somebody, you can delete your post though which I would advise you to do.

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    nah actualy meant to post it here i mustve mispelt "Hi Guys" lol


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    It really depends on the filter software they are running. Most filters will scan a page for specific keywords, so the actual site name wouldn't matter. If the blocked keywords are only in the url for the site, and there are no words etc on the page itself, you could probably get through, but that is doubtfull because most websites are named after the content they host. I see this as more of a curiosity question, but I ask that you be a bit more carefull about how you phrase things in the future. Any indication of malicious intent will get you a lot of negs really quickly here.
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    Oh Okey Sorry

    Maybe Mods can rephrase my Article my english grammar is not too good sometimes sorry.....cud it be changed to "Is it possible to by pass web filters via IP;s"?

    or something liek that?


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    it al depends upon the type of filters that are in place - some may only block certain url's while others might be set to scan page for blocked words and filter it that way :: really theres no way to say for sure which is in place on any given network without seeing for self.

    Now If your asking from a sys admin point of view as "How would I stop people from accessing sites by using ip" then there are different methods of doing so personnaly I feel that the best way to stop people accessing sites they shouldn't is by letting them know that all web-traffic is recorded and checked - if someone knows the admin is monitoring what your viewing and looking up things u shouldn't could result in dismisal then they aint gonna do it.

    Now if its only for a couple of machines - say your home machine and you dont want kids looking up certian sites then you could do as shown here - this means you dont have to through trouble of setting up a proxy server etc but means will only block websites that you have listed and will only block domains - people will still be able to access them via their ip as what your really doing is telling browser

    www.some site.com (real ip is actually located at (your local ip) so will loop back in on self - you could make it point anywhere like www.disney.com or whatever if you wanted.


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