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Thread: help with snort

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    ah that seems to be working now.
    thanks a lot for all the help, i think i`d given up on it by now if you hadn`t of been their to help.

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    Its not actaully complaining about the rules file ..yet

    It cant find the classification.config file, so where exactly is your classification.config?

    If you put it in bin this will probably fix that problem, you might have to stick the sid-msg.map and the gen-msg.map and reference.config file in there too.

    If I were you Id actually scrap your whole current setup and get Demarc PureSecure personal edition. Its free, the management console blows IDSCenter away and if you follow the setup instructions correctly as you install everything will be setup perfectly.

    It does require that you can runn IIS on your machine though.

    oops..guess im to slow...
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    i got it working now thanks to MsMittens, i think it was throwing up that error msg because the snort.conf file had two diffrent refrences to the classification.config file, i just edited the one out and its seems to be running ok now.

    I`ll have a look at that Demarc PureSecure program though.

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