I saw over the past couple of days that there has been discussion about physical security.

I came across an article that may interest some of you who were participating in those discussions... for everyone else... its a good way to brush up on physical security and how to even spy on your own family/co-workers...

Case-Harden Your Physical Security

You may be completely prepared to defend an online attack, but are you sure your data and systems are safe from actual intrusion?

By Mike DeMaria Courtesy of
Nothing says there's a hole in your security like someone walking off with your servers. You could spend millions of dollars on access lists, firewalls, USB tokens, virus scanners, VPNs, passwords and patches to secure your network from online invasions, but none of those will protect you from offline attacks.

Physical security is essential. It prevents your machines from being stolen, damaged or taken offline by someone flipping the power switch, and it restricts physical access by an adversary who might want to attack your network.

We examined two ways of monitoring and restricting physical access: networked cameras and door locks. As you decide which devices are best for your environment, keep in mind that there are a hundred ways into a location. You need to consider every angle, just as an intruder would do.
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