I'm not sure if anyone here plays Magic Online, but I was once into the game and felt even with the phase in and out of new cards it still really becomes repeatitive and you have the same individuals that like to either bail on a game or walk away in the middle of a match. Well the point of this posting is that I am tired of the game and I don't have any interest in playing much longer. So if you are a currently a player and are interested in my whole collection it is on ebay or if you are a new player you can start out with an active account and a very large collection. My collection exists of 51 rares, 216 uncommons, 46 foils, 1960 commons. I have the complete 4 of each common sets for The Seventh Edition, Planeshift Edition, Torment Edition, and Onslaught Edition. I also have the Phage Avatar and a couple of event tickets.

Look up ebay seller: BlitzbrghSteelers or auction: MTGO - Magic The Gathering Online Collection