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Thread: Outlook Express wont open

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    Outlook Express wont open

    I'm not sure if this is virus related or not, but... When ever i click on the OE icon, the busy pointer shows, but nothing happens. I;ve check the properties and all, the root is where its mean to be, but it wont open even if i do a start run on the .exe Whats wrong! Ive found a temporay solution, by creating or using a different profile, it works, but i've had to create two new ones because thi has happened twice. Any help?

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    Sounds to me the server properties are messed up. Check the Outlook icon on your desktop. Highlight and right-click > Properties > select the server in the window (should say something about Exchange server) > Properties button - you want to check the server is correctly identified in the following window as well as the user name.

    Of course I could be completely wrong since I haven't used Outlook in a while so I'm kinda going by memory.

    You are on the right track that creating a new profile is working - it has the right settings. If nothing else - just delete the first profile that is goofed adn you should be alright.
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    Try reinstalling the application and see if that works. It could be that a .dll file that Outlook Express requires has been corrupted and is not allowing the program to execute.

    Before you reinstall make sure that you have admin rights.


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