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Thread: SCO is crying to make the bad DoS'ers stop

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    SCO is crying to make the bad DoS'ers stop

    The first development followed another series of Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on SCO, which took place two weeks ago. These were the second and third such attacks in four months and have prevented Web users from accessing our web site and doing business with SCO. There is no question about the affiliation of the attacker – Open Source leader Eric Raymond was quoted as saying that he was contacted by the perpetrator and that “he’s one of us.” To Mr Raymond’s partial credit, he asked the attacker to stop. However, he has yet to disclose the identity of the perpetrator so that justice can be done.

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    Refer to IRC for my opinion on this one. We had a nice little conversation on this.

    I have something to sum up the DOS attacks. F*** the SCO. That and HAHA.

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