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    Before AO = Norton Anti Virus 03 ------ After AO = Anti Virus, Zone Alarm, Proxy, Windows washer, Spybot, Adaware.
    Watch out you Kazza peps. I was watching TechTV and they were discussing some 50 people were summoned with a law suit. Out of the 50 people the one with the least amount of dl
    was somewhere between 500 and 400. Most are making deals with the RIAA, if they erase all dl pirated (audio) software and pay a small fee. Watch out!!!!! I got kazza lite so my IP is hidden at least thats what I heard. What u know that I dont?

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    I know not to trust anyone, find out for yourself. I would not trust kazaa lite to hide my ip. It's only kazaa without the spyware. If people are downloading from you, they can find out who you are. It can and will be done by the RIAA if you are sharing music on kazaa.
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