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Thread: how can hide to a firewall?

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    Lightbulb how can hide to a firewall?

    i like to install kazaa but could not connect to different computers because a firewall refuse to connect... how could i hide to a firewall?
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    I don't know if I understood your question?

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    seems to be ur problem will be solved by using HTTP tunnel...google for it and download

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    The only way to get past the firewall is to learn first what type of firewall is running and then attempt, goodluck, to bypass it's rules.


    HTTP Tunnel will work as long as there are no other IDS apps running and the SA is an idiot but hell, give it a try.


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    got the same sore

    hi ascii, I also had the same problem i wanted to chat with yahoo messenger and irc but my pc is connected to a lan . I tried downloading http tunnel (cracks up the firewall and lets you bypass) and it worked! Go to www.http-tunnel.com
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    I believe there are settings in the Options/preferences area in kazaa that can you can set to go through your firewall if you are having problems. Im kinda confused by the question too but this is from what i understood. Hope it helped even a little.

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    Hiya, ascii.

    The answer changes very little based on the firewall you are using. If you are using a tool like ZoneAlarm you will simply have to tell it that outbound connections from 'kazaa.exe" are authorized. Other software firewalls on your system will have a similar function.

    If this is a firewall outside your controll you will have to do like the others said and tunnel around it. In kazaa you can change the ports it connects through. Go to Tools in the menu, select Options > select the Traffic tab. At the bottom you will see something about using port XXXX for incoming connections (this is only if you are sharing from this system). It also allows you to define port 80 for incoming connections. The settings for a proxy are for your outbound connections (for you to download from). You can find proxy servers (Google) that you can point kazaa to and shoudl be able to tunnel out that way.

    good luck
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    Sorry to sound boring but:


    And shame on any AOer who encorages you to!

    If you hack out through a firewall you are compromising the network..............why do you think they paid for the firewall in the first place? Why do they employ Sysadmins?

    You will almost certainly get CAUGHT and thrown out of school/fired Do you think that the firewall is the only tool your Sysadmins have.

    You may think you are well cool right now, but you won't when you get roasted for what you are doing.

    Please consider my advice carefully..................your futures may depend on it?

    Good Luck

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    I agree with you Nihil, except for people living in coutries were the government supresses access to the internet as a form of opression.
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    Intersting so far but confusing....

    how do you know he's running from school or someplace with a sysadmin.

    I have a firewall/router and I use some p2p programs that require to configure certain port forwarding in my router. I have not opened up and security breach unless the program itself is exploitable, its the same as running a webserver with forwarding on port 80.

    How does an IDS affect httptunnel? This doesnt make since unless your talking about an IPS that has a rule to block kazaa traffic
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