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Thread: continuation: hide to a firewall...

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    Angry continuation: hide to a firewall...

    when i browse on the internet about hacking, sex, gamble, proxy avoidance and etc., websense corporation filtered some sites. therefore i could not browse to this sites, how could i use http-tunneling? i dont have any ideas about our firewall...
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    for ssh tunneling you will need to read this: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/wire...02/23/wep.html and more resources at http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/system/...h/tunnel.shtml

    it depends a lot on the way your firewall/proxy is set up and if it's allows "CONNECT" method and on what ports

    for other info bypassing proxy restrictions www.antiproxy.com

    but i guess your syadmin knows what he's doing... illegal stuff might get you in trouble!!!

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    Not a well phrased question for this forum?

    1. You should NOT be doing that sort of browsing on a networked machine. You need something that is stand alone, and you don't mind getting trashed if you visit a malicious site.
    If you tunnel out of your system, you can let all sorts of stuff back through the tunnel.............they go both ways.

    2. My advice is don't even try it.............you will only get into BIG TROUBLE because you WILL be found out.

    3. If you want to research those sort of subjects (sex? )) You need your own machine with an independent connection.............then you are sysadmin, and can do what you like................until the Police arrive?

    Be careful................it is a dangerous world?

    EDIT: quote:

    "a wise man learns from a fool man but fool man never learns from a wise man..."

    Your motto I believe?


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    heh, thats the best suggestion nihil there goes some antipoints for you!

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    For the record.... websense logs all outbound http requests to the site destination and correlates that with both user and machine. Even gives a nice report and bar graphs if you like.

    All your trips to external known proxy tunneling sites will aslo be flagged and recorded. In fact a good sys admin will have already flagged you as a potential risk candidate and loaded your PC with auditing mechanisms without your knowlege. I would have.
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    Looks like someone learned about the program from another post

    Did you read the responses to the other post? They should have showed you that what you're trying to do is something you should not be doing. If you're going to ask a question like this, at least make sure it's worth asking...


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