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Thread: pls explain /PIPE/winreg

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    pls explain /PIPE/winreg

    hi freinds
    i am using WinXP....
    today when i opened my looked for open files on PC remotely (ie for copying, which i have shared) i saw a connection which has opened a file named /PIPE/winreg with read+write permission ... i havent ever allowed write permissions on my shared folders...the snapshot is attached...

    pls explain this.
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    Hi NullDevice,

    AFAIK "pipes" are normal in Windows NT family systems, which would include XP. They are to do with the Inter Process Communications System (IPC), and could be a source of a security exploit, at least in NT.

    Please have a look at: http://www.giac.org/practical/Pankaj_Jawale.doc

    This relates to securing NT systems, but may have some relevance, and certainly be of interest to others here who are using NT?


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    /PIPE/Winreg is a named pipe and, as nihil said, are used for IPC.

    More info about named pipes can be found here on the MSDN site.
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