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Thread: Icon/Avatar Resource

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    Exclamation Icon/Avatar Resource

    I thought it would be a good idea to create a collaborative thread on AO of some of the icon sites out there, since people are often looking for new avatars and such, I think it would be helpful and far easier to have one big chunk of information available to all.

    As you will tell by going through the links, most of these are designed for LiveJournal and DeadJournal, but it is also where I find some of the most creative. The default size is 100x100, so you'll have to resize them, but there's a plethora of LJ dedicated avatar sites, and these are only a few. I threw in a couple of EZBoard avatar pages for smaller icon sizes, it's up to you whether you use them or not.

    I'm hosting the links as part of the web development resources on my development site, Digital Deviation...

    If you have any personal links, feel free to share them by submitting them there and get a larger resource going.

    The links are located under: Graphics/Layouts >> Avatars/Icons

    And here is the URL:


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    It's already in there:

    GameSpy.com - Avatars Inc. http://www.gamespy.com/avatars/ [ Edit ] Site Reviews(0)
    ...Extremely LARGE collection of avatars online....
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    Very good idea i think!
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    that is good site & has lots of icons to choose from try
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    Thanks Greek,. that was a fairly usefull link...
    I browsed on over there, and i saw a few that i like, but i decided against using anyof them as i've kinda grown attached the Avator i got at the moment, as it is what i basically do all day, run around in circles.


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    i've kinda grown attached the Avator i got at the moment, as it is what i basically do all day, run around in circles.

    Cheers [/B]
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    quote from the website:

    11/6/2003 6:39:16 AM - Some1

    Avatars Inc. is no more.
    There will not be an easy way to browse Internet content for 50x50pixel avatars anymore, finding what is just right for you will once again be up to your self. It is a shame but the only alternative would be vastly inferior to what you could do your selves without trouble and also rather easy.

    Guess that the above link that you guys have posted is now pretty much well useless .. kinda sucks I think ...
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    I had sent a big gallery of avatars to JP a year ago i don't know even if he uploaded them.

    my opinion:
    Nice thread as, I'm tired of all things that talk about avatars. I don't talk about this thread as it is sticky but for some threads that came up about once a week and talk about avatars.

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    Among other stuff this site has a pretty good database of avatars check it out :

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