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Thread: Web Development Resources - UPDATED

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    Web Development Resources - UPDATED

    I've finally had some time to update this thread. I've made the resource offsite, since it will be part of my upcoming site, Digital Deviation. So far there are almost 400 web development/design links available on the site. They are ranked according to usefulness and the positive number of reviews the site holds. So if you have anything I've missed, don't hesitate to add it here. Links will be validated as soon as I receive a mail of them and will be immediately added to the database. Feel free to review and rate any of the sites. It will be what you make it and hopefully it will become an even better web development resource.

    (I've also incorporated the web development/design related tutorials from AO and the Icon/Avatar Resource from General Chit Chat located under: Graphics/Layouts >> Avatars/Icons.)

    So here it is, enjoy:

    Web Development Resources

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    COOL SITE....

    I can see it comming in handy..
    Keep up the work..


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    An excellent improvement to what was already an extremely useful resource. Superb work GG!
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    Thanks for sharing. I am sure that it will be of great help to the web developers.

    Once again thanks.
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    very nicely compiled site...
    its really good one...
    such sites saves time too...
    thanks for sharing!!
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