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Thread: Riaa V's Kazzaa

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    Get you story straight

    I have 200 hous of music on my computer,some downloaded some that I copied to my computer my self because I treat my cd's wrong..........so I can have a back up..........How can these M*****F*****S tell what is what.........not to mention the fact that media player reformats all my music to windows format.....there's no way these lawsuits could possibly get anywhere.

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    Would you believe that more than 50% of the singers that the RIAA supports always give some sort of sweet little compliment to there "fans"... If they fking care about us so much, they should fking so something about this.

    Some of our tax money is probably going to the RIAA for there little campaign. So in the end, we lose more money then were being sued for. The government is so fair isnt it

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    "Its not about the money, I do it because I love music and I love my fans"

    God I hear that or somethign to that nature in every interview with a musician ever. If they love their fans so much and its not about the money then why the **** are they crying so much.
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    While this isn't something I partake in, (too old for most of this stuff.... ), I am firmly against the RIAA/MPAA's campaign.

    When I see Celene Deon driving her one and only Pinto then my heart might stop bleeding for them.... Until then I believe it is the responsibility of the companys that make up the RIAA/MPAA to manage their business in a profitable manner without reliance upon bs legislation that will never work because they don't grasp the problem, (or they wouldn't be in this situation), like most of the other businesses in this world have to.
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    All artists signed under a major label are usually in it for the money. The artists aren't gonna speak out about it because they're afraid of losing their precious contract that makes them all of their money. Independent labels are usually better than the major ones anyway.

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    It all turns out fine for 12-year-old internet pirate

    A trade group representing six of the biggest file-sharing websites have promised to pay a $US2000 ($A3035) fine on behalf of a 12-year-old girl who illegally downloaded music from the internet.

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    Hey All,

    Talking about RIAA & Kazaa, here's a link to an article that talks about the process of becoming a lawsuit target.

    Click here

    It talks, step by step, how the RIAA compiles its lists of possible "enemies" and what to possibly do to avoid it.

    Things it mentions is:

    The RIAA's software recordsthe Internet address associated with a computer that is sharing one of the copyrighted songs the organization is investigating. Some file-swapping programs try to hide this by using mechanisms such as proxy servers, but most downloads still expose this information.
    The group checks the artist's name, title, and any "metadata" information attached to the files, looking for information that may indicate what piece of software has been used to create the file or any other. Some files swapped widely on the Net include messages from the original person who created the MP3 file, such as "Created by Grip" or "Finally the Real Full CD delivered fresh for everyone on Grokster and Kazaa to Enjoy!"
    It goes on to say that once the RIAA have sufficient information about a user, it gets a subpoena to obtain information from that user from the ISP, which usually cave against the RIAA. Then people are brought to court with lawsuits ranging from 12k to 17k, and settling for 3k payments.

    What a bunch of *****s, eh?

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    It really is not fair. they are sueing people here in the usa but what about all over the world? there are hundreds of millions of people swaping music with thousands of different programs. too many to stop and they can't go all over the world after everyone. just who they find here in the usa. maybe an anonamouse proxy would help the rest of us?

    just a thought
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    It's probably easier for them to get the people in teh USA. That way they don't have to deal with foreign courts rejecting the RIAA's suit.

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