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    MY web site


    i want to redo the flash part of it. i was wondering if anyone that was really better then me in flash woudl like to create it. you get full credit and all. when i upgrade the account u can also get urself a domain of 20 mb if u want it if u help me out. take a look adn see if u can create soemthign dark n sinister that will hold my content. thnx
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    Just a couple of things :::

    1. Theres no continuitity - I know this is prolly what you were aiming for but even random sites have a sort of structure - they have to pull the visitor in leading them down different paths through site.....yours however just left me guessing as to where to go - most people will not stick around to search out links - you could have the best content in the world on site but if no-one can find it why would they come back?
    2. The flash when you click on right-hand side is a lil too faded - is difficult to see and truely un-needed - it does nothing but act as a gateway....but wasn't that what the first page was? Most designers try to adhere as much as possible to the 2 clicks rule....a visitor should never be 2 clicks from the content they want to find - your site however 2 clicks and u aint got past the multiple splash screens
    3. Now this area of site is better http://www.formallydeadandbroken.com/fdab/ everything nicely laid out and easy to find....perhaps a lil bit to plain and not plain enough to be minimalistic (something that seems to be the rage - just look at google )
    4. Images - ok this is the part i find hardest for site....creating new images that look well and from looking at your site it appears to me as if you have just ripped some pics from elsewhere and then slapped on some added bits! Now I struggle with image side as I can't draw for crap....and if your same as me then dont rely on them for only bits of color on site - look at www.oswd.org .....the templates there have not an image in site all done in html & yes there is alot of crap ones but there are some which look well and do not need images to do so...

    just a couple of hints - but is def a good attempt. A wee bit better organised...more fluid style to draw the visitor in and your flying


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