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Thread: Rude Awakening for File Sharers

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    Rude Awakening for File Sharers

    tales of woe are featured on front pages of newspapers everywhere -- the unemployed woman from Chicago, the Manhattan single mother, the 71-year-old grandfather in Texas, the Yale University photography professor.

    All have at least one thing in common: They have been sued for song swapping by the Recording Industry Association of America. And the vast majority insist they did nothing wrong. Some said they assumed they were downloading music legitimately because they had paid a fee to file-sharing application providers.


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    {sighs disapointedly} what has the world come to when people are being sued by the same people who they refused to pay the astronomical CD prices to? Tsk tsk tsk....what happened to the good old days of napster, when record companys werent greedy bastards like they are today. Oh well.
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