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Thread: KaZaA Black Cat MP3 Protector 1.1

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    Exclamation KaZaA Black Cat MP3 Protector 1.1

    From http://download.com.com/3000-2196-10...ml?tag=lst-0-1

    Prevent the RIAA and other organizations from scanning your hard drive for MP3s while using Kazaa. Black Cat MP3 Protector runs minimized in the system tray and monitors queries sent to your computer via Kazaa and other file sharing apps. It uses a database of known IPs as well as artificial intelligence to determine which queries should be blocked, keeping you measurably safer from improper lawsuits.


    I tried this program and found out that it installed a spyware on my system and write a startup entry into the registry. It create a file named tskmgr32.exe into %windir%/internet explorer/. However, this spyware can be detected by my NAV 2004 (but I forgot the name of this spyware).

    I have attached the spyware and hope that someone will analyze it and post the result here. I want to know more about this spyware.

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    1. Depending on your local copyright laws, downloading and sharing the intellectual property of others without paying the fee is illegal. No one has a right to steal, even if things are overpriced.

    2. I do not see how this software can do what it claims to do? If I set up a site with a load of MP3s and monitor all traffic, and swap files with other people, I will get through to your collection, or I would not see what you had to swap?...........trouble is I work for the RIAA

    3. Looks like a social engineering scam to me. There have been spyware detectors and AV "products" that are scumware in themselves......................this confidence trick is not new, just the latest variant playing on the fears of those who illegally share music.

    Please note, I am not saying that I think the law is right or wong..........I don't make the law, but I know that I am expected to obey it.

    Just my 0.02 worth


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    Very well said, nihil...

    I just wanted to add one thing - has the possibility ever occured to anyone that these apps. that will supposedly block the RIAA out of your machine (Black Cat, for instance), might actually be apps. designed and written for the RIAA to find a P2P abuser better, almost drawing attention to the user of the app.? Maybe even an app. that does the reverse of what it says it will do - you install the app., the app. immediately reports you upon discovery of MP3's, illegal file sharing, etc.

    Maybe I'm taking an extremely paranoid route here, but it's a thought and a possibility.

    I don't use the P2P networks though, so I shouldn't worry anyway...
    - Maverick

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    Thanks Maverick811,

    I, like it!

    "Just because you are not paranoid doesn't mean THEY aren't out to get you"

    I would point out that I have an "English" viewpoint (yeah, I know, you hadn't guessed)

    Seriously, what I mean is when I say "Illegal" I mean in contravention of your contractual agreement, like "infringement" of copyright, violation of software EULA, or your ISPs TOS agreement.

    Naughty stuff we call "unlawful"..........like you just broke the law............criminal action as opposed to a civil one.

    I have never been happy with this P2P stuff, as I think that it raises a whole load of additional security issues?

    OK............I know that I will be accused of being a "postwhore" if I don't make a positive contribution so here goes:

    I know a lot of people use this IM/P2P stuff so please go and look at:


    This is the SOFTWIN site and they offer "free" protection tools for some of these. I have no idea how effective they are these days, as it is a long time since I used P2P. Worth a look, and there are other free things available ..............which do not contain scumware

    Hope this helps someone?


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