Prevent the RIAA and other organizations from scanning your hard drive for MP3s while using Kazaa. Black Cat MP3 Protector runs minimized in the system tray and monitors queries sent to your computer via Kazaa and other file sharing apps. It uses a database of known IPs as well as artificial intelligence to determine which queries should be blocked, keeping you measurably safer from improper lawsuits.

I tried this program and found out that it installed a spyware on my system and write a startup entry into the registry. It create a file named tskmgr32.exe into %windir%/internet explorer/. However, this spyware can be detected by my NAV 2004 (but I forgot the name of this spyware).

I have attached the spyware and hope that someone will analyze it and post the result here. I want to know more about this spyware.